Financial Restructuring

Maximize your tax deductions – while avoiding paying interest on
unused money still available in your account to use.

Getting a Company the Money They Needed

Il Casolare were unable to launch their new business due to a lack of funds. We came through and got them the money they needed to start their thriving new enterprise.

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Can Your Business Benefit
from Financial Restructuring?

In short, financial restructuring shuffles or re-organizes financial structures, comprised primarily of equity capital and debt capital. We know that facing a market that can change overnight is a daunting task. You may notice that your business has runaway expenses, or your efficiency has dropped. Or, perhaps overextended debt puts a significant strain on your business growth. In some cases, rapid expansion might be the cause.

Regardless of circumstances, financial restructuring enables businesses to get back on their feet. We correct financial imbalances, discover new methods to eliminate inefficiency, and offer businesses a new start. In a world of uncertainty, Money Elements makes the process simpler.

We work with you to secure the right business loans. We go beyond the typical business loan broker to identify exactly what your company needs – and when it needs it. From start to finish, we offer dedicated, innovative, and customized financial solutions to help you overcome temporary shortfalls.

How it Works?

The process creates additional equity for your business.

We maximize tax deductions by providing a clear-cut loan structure, showing the purpose of the expense.

You don’t pay interest on borrowed money within your bank account.

You have additional funds for other opportunities, or to utilize for emergencies.

What Does Financial Restructuring Entail?

It all depends on the needs of the business in question. There are two main components of financial restructuring: debt restructuring and equity restructuring. In the case of excessive debt, we can refinance with another lender in order to make your repayment plan more beneficial to you. Throughout the process, the end goal is to minimize the cost of capital and maximize efficiency. Equity restructuring is the process of reorganizing your equity capital. Your business might look into equity restructuring to raise fresh finance or eliminate accumulated losses. Whatever your needs, we go beyond the ordinary to get the best tax benefits for your business.

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