100% Financing Business Loans

Do you own and occupy a business? Are you looking to step up your game?
Money Elements is your key to 100% financing business loans to increase your potential.

Getting a Company the Money They Needed

Il Casolare were unable to launch their new business due to a lack of funds. We came through and got them the money they needed to start their thriving new enterprise.

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What Should I Know About
100% Financing Business Loans?

First and foremost, with very few exceptions, this type of loan is for business owners looking for additional cash so that they can expand their business. It is used by business owners who own either investment properties (such as townhouses, homes, apartments, etc) or commercial property. Note that in the case of commercial property, the extension of lending values drops to 80% LVR. In either case, a 100% refinance loan can help you when:


  • you want to refinance debt from another financial institution.
  • you rent your current property and wish to purchase the property.
  • you require capital investment to organically grow your business, such as hiring new employees or investing in new assets.


This type of loan is great option for smaller businesses. Many businesses/borrowers are eligible, provided they have a solid BAS, good credit history, and don't owe any outstanding taxes to the Australian Tax Office. As with every type of loan, lenders will take care of their own first. It’s important to have your information readily accessible in a digestible format so that we can expedite the process and ensure that lenders feel confident they will see good results.


In the end, the bottom line is simple. To secure 100% financing, you must already own the business. That's when Money Elements steps in. We’ll work with you to secure the funding you need so that your business can grow and mature.

How it Works?

Know the ins & outs of your business plan. Lenders will expect you to demonstrate a sound business plan.

Your loan is secured against your existing property. Most lenders require a form of collateral as a guarantee.

We Can Help

Growing your business is exciting – and scary. Money Elements wants to make the process painless. We help you navigate your options. If you think you are eligible for a 100% financing business loan, we want to work with you to get the best possible results.

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