"I was able to follow through with more than one project thanks to Money Elements!"

Rok Constructions Pty Ltd

Rok Constructions is based in Beaumaris 3193 and been in the building game for over 30 years. They've honed their craft in a variety of industries, including, building family homes, townhouse, industrial building developments and multi-story apartment blocks. At the time we started working with them, they held a successful building record and an equally strong credit history, having never missed a repayment to their lenders.

The Challenge

Despite their credit history, Rok Constructions was consistently unable to obtain additional credit to follow through with new opportunities that come their way. Their existing lenders had a rather narrow mindset when it came to credit, and weren't willing to use innovative new financial products to help their customer grow. This was damaging to Rok Constructions bottom line, as the lack of funding meant they couldn't create the bandwidth to accept as many jobs as they'd like. Without the ability to pay more team members and build a larger presence, they felt they were missing out on potential profits each and every day.

The Solution

Using Money Elements strategies, Rok Constructions was able to obtain additional funds by using the same assets that the lenders already held. Money Elements was able to cash up Rok Constructions by $800,000 in a matter of weeks. We used our knowledge and deep industry expertise to manage their resources in a way that gave them more to work with, ensuring they could re-invest in the business and further grow its capacity, all the while maintaining a steady stream of cash for their own peace of mind.


With these funds and the company's strong income, Rok Constructions was not only able to complete and take on more work, but they also were able to buy more property to develop. Shortly after our project, they finished a Luxury Double Story Townhouse project in McKinnon Victoria worth over $4,000,000 and then quickly acquired another property in East Bentleigh Victoria for $2,000,000. Before long, they secured construction funding of $4,200,000 to develop seven East Bentleigh luxury apartments.

The end result - a thriving, growing business generating more revenue and serving more clients. Thanks to Money Elements, Rok Constructions are now developing high end level of properties that the market has never seen.

The Results

Money Elements, thank you so much for giving us more opportunity than I was ever offed by any bank. The way you guys think and find solutions is just amazing....you guys rock!

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