I got 50% of my outlay to open my restaurant and had to put up no assets!

Trattoria Il Casolare

Trattoria Il Casolare is a brand new Italian restaurant based in Blackburn Victoria. They set out to provide mouthwatering Italian food, including woodfired pizzas, to the Australian community. Brought together by their love and passion for food, their chefs wanted to make it a priority to give their customers a uniquely authentic experience of the finest Italian cooking. However, like many new restaurants, they faced financial constraints before opening.

The Challenge

After investing more than $600,000, the restaurant was left with an unfinished kitchen. It was impossible for them to open until their facilities were completed, and every day they stayed closed meant another day of missed revenue. They weren't sure they'd ever be able to realize their dream of opening their restaurant. In addition, as a start up business, they faced the common challenge of funding the completion of the business while also ensuring enough cash outlay to provide for expenses.

The Solution

We began by analyzing the existing financials, including their detailed business plan, their market analysis, their business cash flow forecast, and all of their permits and building plans. We then packaged this information, along with the financial history of the owners, in the most appetizing form to ensure lenders were drawn in and to ensure a high success rate. We know that lenders don't just want to see the existing story, they want to be told a compelling narrative showing the potential for the client to succeed into the future.

As for Trattoria Il Casolare, we where able to obtain 50% of the layout cost which equaled to $400,000 in unsecured lending by proving proof of expenses in the way of invoices and quotes to get Trattoria Il Casolare running.

With our expert guidance and assembly of their financial plans, With the aid of Money Elements, the Trattoria Il Casolare team was able to get an unsecured loan of $400,000. This gave them a breath of fresh air financially and allowed them to continue the construction of their kitchen.

With the money in hand, the team went full steam towards the finish line. Shortly after securing the loan, they were able to finish building the kitchen and even afford all new accessories. The restaurant is currently thriving and known for the quality of their food and their customer service.

The Results

We don't know how to thank Money Elements enough, there is only so much pizza or pasta I can give you. We truly appreciate what you were able to do for us, and we loved your style of thinking.

Our open minded and strategical approach will grow your business without limits