December 19, 2016

The Banks Are Starting To Cry Poor! So They Increase Interest Rates And Punish Their Loyal Customers. My Solution Is Simpler, Read Below.

Hi Guys,

For all of you that have a mortgage you probably have received a letter from you bank/lender letting you know that their interest rates are going up….don’t be disappointed you’ve got to understand that the poor things are not making enough profit, because their cost of obtaining funding has gone up since the United States have increase their interest rates….what has that got to do with us you say?…according to the banks they get much of their funding from abroad, so now, you can understand where they are coming from…maybe you feel a little sympathetic to their bottom line now…..and all tingly inside with empathy , and if you do, SNAP OUT OF IT…what I feel is anger and frustration to the amount of greed they have….they are still making BILLIONS of dollars in profits and using this nonsense to justify their greed…. they refuse to see what is really happening in their own back yard, and let me tell you it’s not pretty….more and more people are loosing their jobs and the same staff are working harder to make up for this employment lost…and guess what the finance industry are in this restructuring planning themselves… SO WHAT CAN YOU DO ABOUT IT?  well honestly, nothing, well nothing to them directly… but what you can do is help their greed….let them know that we want to make sure they stay in a profitable state and make record profits….WHY YOU SAY? because we have a conscience and we are thinking about our own back yard and understanding that we need these banks to remain in business for the sake of Australians and the world around us, we want to see our country move forward….god forbid that the bank choose to participate….hey BANKS have a read about Sydney Myer and what he did with his business and in particular with his work force to stay in a job……we need more Sydney Myer’s in this country and the world.

So here is what I think about helping the banks to reach record high profits even when the economy is not where it could be…My solution is very simple, go and borrow more money, enough of it based on the serviceability you can provide, WHY YOU SAY? I SAY WHY NOT? The twist here is that is HELPS ALL PARTIES, Australia, Banks and YOU. By having cash sitting in your bank account it will provide you with a buffer in the event of you loosing your JOB, a negative turnaround of profits within your business or loosing your business all together, the BEST PART OF THIS IS, YOU WILL PAY NO INTEREST for having this money in YOUR BANK ACCOUNT. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLY? It is because Money Elements has the expertise to structure a deal to help your individual and business needs, this stems from the CEO of Money Elements being an investor first for the best part of 15 years..

FREE, FREE FREE!!! Money Elements is now going to provide its service of restructuring your finances and getting you the right deal from the lender that will suit your need for FREE!! BUT ISN’T THIS WHAT MORTGAGE BROKER DO ANYWAY? NO! they don’t, they make you the clients aware that they are in the market place to help and get you the best deal, they wait for you to go to them, when your ready to obtain a loan, and in many cases, will get you a loan that you think may be great, but may not be what suits you best. Getting a loan is more than you think, coming from my back ground of a full time investor and businessman, I have definitely learnt the hard way, and as I said above, its been over 15 years and I’m still going strong with my investments and this is because, first, this is what I love and  secondly this is my contribution to help Australians to stay in jobs, keep the economy turning hopefully in the positive direction. Even if my part is a small percentage of our economy, nevertheless, I am still contributing, and also helping our friend, THE BANKS to break record profits. I added the mortgage broking side to my business to provide my clients a one stop shop.

OH, almost forgot, “MY FEE” I consult and charge upwards of $550 per hour and $5500 or 1% whichever is greater inc GST, to structure or restructure your finances and mortgages.
I want nothing but to structure or restructure your finances and mortgages and get you a loan to help you to contribute in growing Australia’s economy and Banks record profits, but also by investing, creating a start Up, expanding you existing business or it can just be to stay on the safe side of any bad circumstances that may come your way….god forbid you loose your jobs, you still need to live and pay for bills and mortgages YEAH.

I hear you say, I HAVE ENOUGH MONEY TO SURVIVE IF I LOST MY SOURCE OF INCOME, and if you do that is GREAT, you are a step ahead of the rest…..BUT WHAT IS ENOUGH? If you are blessed with insight, well that is something special….But if you don’t why take that chance.

Yeah ok, now you are thinking, what will be the difference if I cash out equity from my property with a structured refinance? I COULD STILL HAVE NOT ENOUGH MONEY TO SURVIVE, and would say YOU ARE 100% RIGHT, but my lord, you gave it your best shot with all that you had at your disposal, and all based on your capability of your skills, knowledge of survival, using whatever savings you may have had and the cash out/ equity obtained based on your serviceability calculation made of repaying you debts…But with Money Elements’s on your side and now offering our services for FREE, that serviceability and capability of survival and potentially growing your wealth will be exponentially going through the roof…. DON’T BELIEVE ME?… I would not either… so here is what you do, test me and go see a mortgage broker first, before you choose to talk to me, and if you do the deal with that mortgage broker, do yourself a FAVOUR, come around and have a chat with me and see if I am able to provide advice on a structure that provides more opportunities than what you currently got, for a FEE OF ZERO DOLLARS…. yes I will still honour the deal even if I am not getting your business…. so really you are in a great position….WHY  WOULD I STILL GIVE YOU MY TIME FOR FREE? BECAUSE I WANT TO DO MY PART TO KEEP YOU MOVING FORWARD on the path of success, so that we all continue to do our part to keep Australians growing including our bank, and to live a life much better than what you have ever hoped for…Plus the Aussies coat of arms and our anthem tell us to do this….So lets give it our best shot, let’s move forward.


YES, I’m saying that I have a structure that will provide 100% finance of a residential property to the value of $5,000,000.00 with the exception that you must have the serviceability to pay for this loan amount of course.

P.P.S. I have partially given away something that I can and have been providing success for all my business clients, and would like the same to be provided to you if you wish to have it. Food for thought.

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Be the best you can be.
Chat soon.

Kind regards,

Maurice Di Dio

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